All these colors are purebred and can be registered with AKC. 


Liver Parti # 038

Parti's are born with white bodies and have chocolate spots/patches on them. Each chocolate parti will have a different pattern. They will have brown OR green eyes, chocolate pads and nose. (Dottie and Gauge)



Liver or Chocolate # 123

What is the Difference between Liver and Chocolate?

They are the same. The word "Liver" just means Chocolate.

So a "Liver schnauzer" and a "Chocolate Schnauzer" are the same. Puppies have to be registered Liver. Chocolate Schnauzers are basically a brown version of a Black Schnauzer. They are born with solid brown bodies. Some have white on their chin, chest and on their toes. They have brown OR green eyes, chocolate pads and nose. 

(Our Molly)


Liver & Tan # 124

Born with solid chocolate bodies and cream/tan markings on their eyebrows, muzzle, inside their ears, across the chest, down the legs on the feet and underneath the tail. They have brown OR green eyes, chocolate pads and chocolate nose. (Gracie and Marley)

Liver Pepper # 498

Liver Pepper puppies are born in different shades from dark to light liver. They are the brown version of a Salt and Pepper. They have banded hairs of brown/chocolate that always fade out into a lighter color of brown. They will have either brown OR green eyes and chocolate nose and pads. 


Wheaten # 224

Wheaten which is a more yellow/cream/red color and can come in both a Black nose/pad pigment and Liver nose/pad pigment. (Peaches)

Wheaten Parti #224/#038

Wheaten color with darker cream or red color spots. 

(Ellie carries these genes) 

White Chocolate  #199

White Chocolate Schnauzers are born a whitish tent. They may have a cream tone to them. Sometimes this cream tone will lighten as they age and become white or they may stay a cream color. Their nose and pads and skin will be pink at birth and slowly change. They will have brown OR green eyes. They will have chocolate nose and pads. (Rango)

White # 199

White Schnauzers are born solid WHITE. They will have black eyes, pads and nose. It takes a week or so to determine the color White or White Chocolate. 

Black #









Important note for AKC registration:

When registering your puppy with AKC it is necessary to include two photos along with your puppy’s AKC registration paperwork. The photos must be a full front view as well as a side view of the puppy. All variations of the Liver color (Liver, Liver Tan, Liver Pepper), all Parti colors as well as White and Wheaton must include photos with the AKC paperwork.

Address envelope to AKC and mark it with: “ATTN: KARLA DEITHORN-SPECIAL SERVICES” in order for your paperwork to be processed quickly.





We do not offer Full AKC REG with breeding rights very often. We sale puppies with Limited AKC Pet only. Puppies are Full AKC and come with AKC papers....Limited AKC just means you can not breed your dog and register the puppies with AKC. We hope this will keep unwanted dogs from shelters. We love our puppies and become attached to them by the time they go to their forever home, so we want the best for them. 

Read more about Miniature Schnauzers on Puppy Find.

AKC Bread with hearth

All Puppies:

 - Vaccinations

- Tails Docked
- Dew Claws removed 
- Vet Checked 
- Ears Left Natural

- AKC Registered

- First blanket

- Starter Food


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