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Creekside Schnauzers River

River is a super coated Black and White Parti. He has lots of Roam ticking and it carries very strongly in his litters. He is supper sweet and outgoing. He loves to be outside and enjoys going kayaking and playing in the water. River is dual registered AKC and APRI. 


Foothills Schnauzers Link'n 

Link'n is a mega coated AKC Liver Tan/Rust. Link'n is a very sweet and playful boy. Link'n carries for the beautiful Red Rust and Red Wheaten colors. 

Creekside Schnauzer's Ryder

Ryder is a mega coated AKC Red. Ryder is a loving boy. He is the offspring of Link'n. He has the sweetest personality and temperament like his dad.

Foothills Schnauzer's Blue

Blue is a mega coated APRI registered Blue Merle. He has bright blue eyes. He loves to play with other animals and kids. He will produce blue and liver merle babies.

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